Red Stone Contractors provide complete roofing, masonry, and exterior restoration services for commercial and residential properties.

We work alongside engineers, architects, designers, and product material manufacturers to provide services that guarantee best practice, quality materials and, project success. We offer various maintenance services: facade restoration, parapet wall repair, concrete restoration, sidewalk restoration, stucco services, brickwork, and brick pointing. We specialize in masonry and concrete waterproofing, including demolition, roofing installation for all hot and cold roof systems, single ply systems, slate, tile and metal roofs. Our team of experts and the equipment we utilize allows us to adapt to new technologies and demands while also meeting the changing needs of our clients. We have been performing quality exterior restoration in all boroughs of New York City, including Yonkers, and Westchester for the past two decades.


We specialize in working with the following roofing systems: flat roofing, rubber roofing, torch down roofing, cold roofing, TPO roofing, EPDM roofing, rubber roofing, tile roofing, shingle roofing, metal roofing, slate roofing, concrete roofing, fiberglass roofing, built-up roofing, modified bitumen, and many other roofing systems. Types of waterproofing include sheet membrane, bentonite system, liquid system, and metal oxide system.


Masonry is the art of using stone, rock, and minerals to create structure, and it is one of the oldest professions of all time. Red Stone Contractors is home to some of the most talented masons in New York City, New York. We have designed and created beautiful sidewalks, driveways, chimneys, walls, and buildings. We provide expert consultation on site when we arrive at your building or home. Our masons will tell you which compounds work best as a part of your establishment.

Stucco Services

Stucco material is a favorite amongst contractors and building owners because it is strong, durable, fire resistible and affordable. During the installation stucco is applied over the course of three sometimes four coats in order to create a strong layered defense. Red Stone Contractors can guide through the creative and decision making process to help achieve any desired texture or finish. If a new color is desired, our experts recommend a stucco fog coat or painting stucco a color that inspires a greater hardening rate, this will increase the value of the stucco wall.


Red Stone Contractors has a multitude of experience in waterproofing buildings. Many buildings have wood interiors as opposed to concrete. Wooden interiors will be subject to greater damage with poor waterproofing. The most dangerous season of the year for waterproofing are fall and winter months. The low temperatures can cause water to freeze which can break down wood very fast. Waterproofing establishes tunnels for water to travel back down into the ground safely. Our waterproofing team is here to help you lower the humidity inside the structure, which has long-term benefits.

Local Law 11 & Masonry

Local Law 11 is a New York City Department of Buildings statute that requires facades maintenance on buildings of six or more stories every five years. Local Law 11 repairs generally involves replacing masonry elements such as terra cotta, limestone, cast stone, and bricks and applying new mortar caulking, sealant, and patching spalled concrete. Red Stone Contractors can help select a qualified architect or engineer to perform the Local Law 11 inspections to help make repairs and file the report.


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